Welcome to Room 16

Dear Newest Students of Room 16,

Welcome to fourth grade! I hope you are enjoying your summer. I know I am! In between swimming with my kids, playing basketball, and building sandcastles, I have been relaxing with a good book. I just finished Kate DiCamillo’s newest book, Raymie Nightingale. I couldn’t put it down! Have you ever read a book that was so good you didn’t want it to end? I hope you have and if you haven’t I hope that I can make that happen for you this year. I can’t wait to hear who your favorite authors and books are. As you enjoy the last weeks of summer, go outside with your favorite book and find an enjoyable place to sit and read. Reading will not only make your transition back to school more seamless, but it can bring you to new places and take you on adventures. I look forward to hearing some recommendations of fantastic books that you have read. For the first day of school (and everyday after), bring in a book you are really interested in reading. I can’t wait to see your choices!

As summer draws to an end I find myself thinking about the start of an exciting school year. I love the lazy days of summer, but the beginning of the school year is something I immensely enjoy. Seeing old friends, making new ones, learning new concepts and building upon ones you know, makes school interesting. Some things will come easy to you and some things will require you to think hard. My expectation is that you try your hardest. If you put your best effort forth I will be there to make sure you succeed. I look forward to reading and discussing new and interesting books, figuring out challenging math problems, and reading and sharing what you write as authors.

In the beginning of the year we will be discussing our hopes and dreams for the coming year. My hope is that we create a positive classroom environment where we feel safe to express our ideas and thoughts. What are your hopes and dreams? Put some thought into this question and be ready to share. I look forward to seeing you in room 16 on the first day of school and to start the learning adventure.
Warmest Wishes,
Mrs. Nolte


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